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Do I Need to Use Shrink Bags After Processing My Meat Birds?

Processing your own meat birds can be a rewarding experience, offering you control over the quality and freshness of your poultry. However, once the processing is done, the question arises: how should you store the meat to ensure it remains fresh and safe to consume? Poultry shrink bags are a great solution to preserving the life of your meat and keeping it freezer-safe.

raw chicken being prepared to cook

Benefits of Using Poultry Shrink Bags

These are our favorite perks of using shrink bags to package your poultry.

Extended Shelf Life

Shrink bags significantly extend the shelf life of your processed chicken by reducing the amount of air that comes into contact with the meat. This minimizes the risk of spoilage and helps maintain freshness.

Protection Against Contamination

Shrink bags offer an added layer of protection against contaminants such as bacteria, dust, and freezer burn. This ensures that your meat remains safe and of high quality.


Using shrink bags can be a convenient way to portion and store your chicken. You can package individual cuts or whole birds, making it easy to thaw and cook exactly what you need without wasting any meat.

Space Efficiency

Shrink-wrapped packages are compact and stackable, making efficient use of freezer space. This can be particularly useful if you process a large number of birds at once.

Do I Really Need to Use Poultry Shrink Bags?

While shrink bags offer many benefits, whether you need to use them depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Here are a few considerations:

Usage Volume

If you process a small number of birds and plan to consume them quickly, traditional storage methods like plastic wrap or freezer paper may suffice.

Storage Duration

For longer-term storage, shrink bags are highly recommended due to their superior ability to preserve meat quality over extended periods.

Selling or Sharing

If you intend to sell your processed poultry or give it to others, shrink bags provide a professional and hygienic presentation that can instill confidence in your product.

Cost and Equipment

Shrink bags and the necessary equipment (heat sealer and hot water dip setup) represent an initial investment. Consider whether this investment aligns with your budget and processing frequency.

Poultry shrink bags offer numerous advantages that can enhance the quality, safety, and presentation of your poultry. If you process meat birds regularly or in larger quantities, the benefits of extended shelf life and protection against contamination make shrink bags a worthwhile consideration. Evaluate your needs, storage duration, and intended use to determine if shrink bags are the right choice for you. Happy processing!

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