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How to Use Chicken Shrink Bags

Shrink bags are the perfect way to package and freeze chicken, turkey, game meat, vegetables, and more. Before using your shrink bags, refer to our shrink bag use guide.

Step 1

Dry chickens thoroughly

Step 2

Place chicken into the bag with the head end downward and the legs closest to the top, open end of the bag

Step 3

Insert polyethylene tubing into the chest cavity of the bird and allow it to extend through the open end of the bag

Step 4

Twist the top of the bag around the tubing to form a pigtail and seal the bag as close to the bird as possible with the enclosed zip tie

Step 5

While holding the pigtail and tubing, dip the chicken into the 175-180 F degree water and submerge is completely. Use a wooden spoon to push it under water. It only needs to be in the water for a second or two. Air will escape through the tubing.

Step 6

Once the bird is out of the water, slide the polyethylene tubing out of the bag and tighten the zip tie as close to the bird as possible.

  • If the bags don't seem to be shrinking properly, your water temperature has probably dropped below the 175 or 180 F degrees. Heat the water back up to resume use.

  • Store unused bags in a cool dry environment

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